Skin care continues to be a revolutionary and growing industry.

More and more people are understanding the importance of maintaining their skin for a radiant and youthful appearance and Skin Care professionals, or Aestheticians, are who these people look to! Aestheticians are taught the core information in the classroom and get “hands-on” practical experience on fellow students, models and clientele. At International Academy, students are trained with European and American product lines throughout their training while learning innovative skin care and body spa services such as; Microdermabrasion, Full Body Treatments, Facials, Chemical Peeling, Cosmetic Enhancements and Waxing services assisting you in being well prepared for a career as an Aesthetican.

Our highly trained and qualified staff is dedicated to each student’s success.

SOC:  39-5094 | CIP: 12.0409

Aesthetics Course Outline

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